NIMH-funded postdoctoral T32 fellowship

Interested in the neural mechanisms of cognitive development, biomarkers for early detection of atypical behavior, and/or pediatric intracranial EEG?

The Northwestern University T32 Mental Health, Earlier Training (NU-MHE) program invites applications for Fall 2021. Dr. Elizabeth Norton of the LEARN Laboratory and Dr. Lisa Johnson of the Dynamic Brain Laboratory are recruiting a postdoctoral fellow who is interested, broadly, in mechanistic and applied developmental cognitive neuroscience.

This is a unique opportunity to work with both pediatric scalp EEG data and invasive intracranial EEG data obtained from individuals undergoing clinical monitoring for seizure management. This research aims to delineate multi-scale neural mechanisms of typical and atypical cognitive behaviors, including inter-individual variability and trial-by-trial variability within individuals. The fellow will be involved in all stages of the work, from study design and implementation through data analysis and dissemination.

This postdoctoral fellowship is under joint mentorship of Drs. Norton and Johnson.

The successful applicant must have completed the PhD and/or MD and must have US citizenship or permanent resident status.

Please contact Drs. Norton and Johnson ASAP if you are interested. T32 applications are accepted on a rolling basis. The preferred start date is September 1, 2021/ASAP.

For more info about the NU-MHE T32:
LEARN Laboratory:
Dynamic Brain Laboratory:

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