dynamic brain lab

cognitive control
brain networks

We are a research group at the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago, IL.

We study the brain dynamics underlying memory and cognitive control across the human lifespan, from neurons to large-scale networks.

Research combines methods from cognitive psychology and human neuroscience, including invasive and noninvasive electrophysiology, electrical stimulation, eye tracking, and structural neuroimaging.

Outcomes of our research advance basic science and translate to better quality of life.


Welcome Dr. Adam Dede!

Welcome to postdoctoral scholar Dr. Adam Dede! Adam will lead an ambitious research program defining the brain circuits supporting complex cognitive processes through multi-modal electrophysiology, eye tracking, and brain stimulation.…

Welcome Isabella Menendez!

Welcome to undergraduate/masters student Isabella Menendez! Isabella is studying Biomedical and Mechanical Engineering, AND designs cars. She will spearhead a new project using games to study learning and memory.

Welcome Ana de Souza!

Welcome to undergraduate student Ana de Souza! Ana is studying Industrial Engineering & Management Science and Data Science. She will co-lead a project to understand and improve memory outcomes in…

Welcome Keyanna Adams!

Welcome to undergraduate student Keyanna Adams! Keyanna is studying Neuroscience and Computer Science. She will co-lead a project to understand and improve memory outcomes in children with epilepsy.

Lindsay awarded research grant!

Congratulations to undergraduate honors student Lindsay Shi, who was awarded research funding for the academic year!

Welcome Josset Yarbrough!

Welcome to PhD student Josset Yarbrough! During her rotation in the lab, Josset will tackle frontal mismatch detection signals in working memory through paired analyses of intracranial and scalp EEG…

Welcome Yessenia Rivera!

Welcome to PhD student Yessenia Rivera! During her rotation in the lab, Yessenia will innovate pediatric intracranial research by linking direct hippocampal recordings during memory to the brain’s structural maturation.…


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